Weekend in the Chiwaukums

Here’s a few photos from an incredible weekend we spent in the Chiwaukums Fall 2016 with our friends Christian and Meredith. Highlights included our first larch sighting of the season, our first snowfall, and lots of wine-induced stargazing.

Heading Up - Color Explosion Begins

The hike up was steep, but we knew there were larches and wine up ahead. Here’s Christian and I getting used to Ely in paparazzi mode.


FIRST LARCH! Much Excitement

Lonnie the Larch! He was small but well-worth the “first-larch-encounter” selfie.

WA Trails - wow

Fun in the trees

Plenty of larches up ahead!!


Weather turned for the interesting A few miles into our hike, a storm rolled in and started dropping some serious snow. Ely and I were both wearing booty shorts that were not cutting it, so we threw on some layers and enjoyed the first snowfall of the season!


Lake Edna

We finally got to our campsite destination – Lake Edna!! She’s a gem.


Dinner Time!

Once at our camp spot, we quickly set up some shelter and started snacking. Fine wine and cheese, accompanied by MountainHouse (of course).


Happy camper

One happy camper.


Not staged at all

MountainHouse and REI – you can find our contact info for future modeling gigs on the about page… 🙂


Basecamp at night We spent the night stargazing, wrapped in double-puffys and sipping wine and hot cocoa to stay warm.


Sony RX100 can do night shots! pt3

But mostly we just told jokes and giggled while Ely took epic photos.


Sony RX100 can do night shots! pt5. Seriously.

Hello, Milky Way.


Almost missed the sunrise!

Ely woke up early to catch the sunrise the next morning.


About that time of year...

The rest of us woke up to see frozen ground and a deserted lake. We had only seen two parties the previous day, and I kept thinking about how different this trip would have been on the other side of Icicle Creek…



This place exists!

I snuck out for a solo morning run – and kept feeling like something was watching me (of course paranoid that it was a cougar). I get back to the pass and find Ely and crew, who had been watching me on the exposed ridgeline for most of my run. Ely was ready once again in paparazzi mode as I climbed back up to meet them.


Hipsters or Adventurers. Can't tell.

Christian and Meredith, lookin’ super fly.


A long way downOur hike back out brought us down to lower elevations and all the fall colors!


But mostly winding streams

Winding creek.


Overall, it was a great mellow weekend trip, and a great alternative to the Enchantments. I can’t wait to come back and run these trails!!

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