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Orcas 50k

First race of 2017 done! In short, it was a stellar day on sloppy, challenging trails.

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Squamish 50/50

Squamish 50/50 takes the notoriously-challenging Squamish 50 miler, beats your legs to the ground on technical mountain bike trails (90 % singletrack) and 11,000 ft of climbing, and then somehow gets you back at the starting line the next morning to run a 50k on those same trails minus the flat start, packing in another 9,000 ft of gain. So, you’re probably wondering, why would anyone sign up for this race?

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Weekend in the Chiwaukums

Here’s a few photos from an incredible weekend we spent in the Chiwaukums Fall 2016 with our friends Christian and Meredith. Highlights included our first larch sighting of the season, our first snowfall, and lots of wine-induced stargazing.

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Pine to Palm 100 – Kaytlyn’s first hundred!

Long report for a long race.

Earlier this year, our friend Colton tried real hard to convince Ely and I to do our first 100 miler. “No way, I don’t have time to train for that this year. Maybe after I graduate.” So we signed up for Squamish 50/50 instead (50 miles on Saturday, 50k on Sunday, 20,000 ft gain total on gnarly Squamish mountain bike trails). Not sure that was any easier, but in my head it was a more manageable goal.

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Glacier Peak & Mount Rainier Double

This tops the list for the best weekend we’ve had, probably ever. Except for maybe when we got married. Eh, no, I think this still might have been better.

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Sun Mountain 100k

I’d be jumping up and down in excitement right now if I could. But my legs are wrecked, so I’ll stick to the couch.

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Oregon Coast 50k

When you get two data people into a room with a course map, an elevation chart, and a crazy idea – a few hours and beers later you just might get a well-calculated, ambitions plan. That’s exactly what happened a few days before Oregon Coast 50k this past weekend.

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Enchantments Extravaganza

Trip planning at a brewery always results in epic and creative adventures.

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Mt Adams 2015 – Take 2 (Erin’s PNW Volcano Debut)

The best place to view fireworks on 4th of July is from a volcano. (we’ve stuck with this plan 3 years in a row – year 1 year 2)

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Mt. Baker Ski Ascent/Descent- Squak Glacier Route

Not long after Katy and I got married, we met up with our fellow PNW-Hoofers for a beer at one of our favorite watering holes. We thought it’d be just another weeknight drinking yummy brews, but it was strangely different: most of the time we can barely make schedules align for a weekend, let alone for a weeknight, and here were 6 of our friends and us all around a table.

We sat down, ordered beers, and a couple minutes later an orange envelope was placed in front of Katy and I.

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